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Contact Information

Elementary Literacy Coordinator

Jessica Niessen

(213) 241-6278


Secondary Literacy Coordinator

Janet Saito Furukawa

(213) 241-0142

English Language Arts


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Elementary Literacy

In Elementary Literacy, our goals this year to improve student achievement are: to raise student achievement through the regular implementation of Universal Access Time and small-group instruction and to begin the transition to the Common Core State Standards for Literacy

To support our first goal as we move into the second year of implementing Treasures, we are building the capacity of teachers to best use the "yellow pages" to support student needs during small-group instruction.

Our expectations for transitioning to the CCSS vary by grade level.  In grades K and 1, teachers are deepening their content knowledge in the first semester to prepare to teach multiple lessons around the CCSS in the second semester.  For all teachers, we are beginning to deepen our use of close reading strategies and text-dependent questions.

Secondary Literacy

The purpose of the Secondary Literacy Plan, adopted in January 2002, is to ensure that all middle and high school students are provided with the learning opportunities and instruction that will enable them to meet or exceed high standards in each content area.  The design lessons, instructional guides and periodic assessments directly address and support fundamental principles of the Secondary Literacy Plan.  The principles are as follows:

  • Students learn core concepts and habits of reading, writing, and reasoning within each content area as defined by standards.
  • The design lessons and instructional activities apprentice students within the content area.
  • Teachers apprentice students by providing students with direct instruction, models, coaching, and independent practice.
  • Intelligence is socialized through community, class learning culture, and instructional routines.
  • Instruction is assessment driven.


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